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37.25 ÔéČ

Safe and comfortable. With the cutest Carrington Hedgehog pattern. 

Our absolutely most comfortable harness! Safe, soft, light and super comfortable. This shape is perfect for dogs that like to pull as the pressure spreads evenly

  • Adjustable in neck and belly
  • Made with 2 layers: top layer - waterproof fabric, bottom layer - soft breathable padding - your dog won't sweat or overheat
  • Durable, comfortable, won't move, won't irritate your pup
  • Handmade in Poland with safe, certified fabrics 
  • There's a possibility to add extra fluffy bottom and warm filling for winter :)
  • Possibility to add extra buckle to avoid putting on through head

*Bowties sold separately

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Fluffy botto harness
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Extra Buckle
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